Dog Friday

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

This review was contributed by Jacob G

Cover of Dog Friday

Author: Hilary McKay

Series: Dog Friday

Publisher: Hodder

Published in: 1994

Age Range: Children+

Period: Contemporary

Setting: Seaside town

Genres:  FamilyFriendshipHumorous


  • Robin: An ordinary, friendly boy with a fear of dogs.
  • Dan: An attention-seeking boy who bullies Robin.
  • Perry: A natural optimist who enjoys adventure.
  • Ant: More pessimistic twin sister of Perry who also likes adventure.
  • Sun Dance: Slightly strange brother of Perry and Ant who is off in his own world.
  • Mrs Brogan: The loving mother of Robin.


The story begins with Robin in hospital after he has been attacked and badly injured by a dog. His mother showers him with sweets throughout his whole stay at hospital, but when he is finally released from hospital and resumes normal life he realises that he is the new hero of most of his classmates, with one exception. The exception is Dan who bullies Robin about his fear of dogs because he does not like the fact that Robin is the centre of attention. After a fight with Dan Robin makes friends with the twins Perry and Ant. Perry and Ant along with their brother Sun Dance try to help Robin overcome his fear of dogs.


The book is quite exciting because there are several surprises and twists in the plot and I found the character of Sun Dance particularly, he really added a bit of humour to the book. However at times it does get a bit boring and flat, although the speed of the book does pick up at the end. There was nothing objectionable in the book.

However when he went to look for his neighbours he found the house deserted. The only person at home was Chop bone man still spreadeagled on the front lawn. Robin suddenly remembered that Mrs Robinson had threatened to take her family shopping if she got them up early enough.

Tuesday 29th July 2003