Which Witch

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

Author: Eva Ibbotson

Age Range: Children+

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  HumorousMagic


Arriman Canker is the mighty Wizard of the North of England. He is told by the gypsy Esmerelda that his replacement will arrive soon, and so he creates a Wizard Watcher to watch out for it. After 999 days the replacement has not arrived, so he decides to marry (a witch) and to have a son. To decide which witch to marry, Arriman proclaims a Black Magic contest among the local witches, most of whom are ordinary old ladies, with jobs at the railway or the egg- packing factory. One is Belladonna, a White Witch, and also Olympia, an enchantress, who gate-crashes proceedings. Belladonna, the only attractive one, is helped by Terence, an orphan, and his pet worm Rover, whom Belladonna adopts as her familiar in order to perform Black Magic. One by one the witches have to perform their most spectacularly nasty bit of sorcery, judged by Arriman, a ghoul, and a genie.


Very funny, and in places almost touching, story of everyday wizardry

Tuesday 1st January 2002