Pure Dead Magic

Style: Average

Attitude: Positive

Cover of Pure Dead Magic

Author: Debi Gliori

Series: Pure Dead

Publisher: Transworld

Published in: 2001

Age Range: Pre Teens+

Period: Contemporary

Setting: Castle Stregaschloss, Scotland

Genres:  FamilyHumorousMagic


  • See The "Pure Dead" Series


Luciano Strega-Borgia has gone missing after storming out of the castle, and his wife has to go on a training course for witches, so she engages a Nanny who sidesteps the younger Strega-Borgia's attempts to repel her and takes on the running of the house, which soon becomes a complicated business.

Unknown to his family, Signor Strega-Borgia has been kidnapped by his Mafia-chief brother over a matter of their father's legacy. Meanwhile, Damp messes up Titus' computer and then gets accidentally shrunk and sent by email, which means Pandora must go chasing after her, helped by Tarantella the spider. At the same time, a group of hired hitmen are on their way to take out Titus.


See The “Pure Dead” Series

The corridor betwen the nursery and Signora Strega-Borgia's bedchamber was long and dark. Damp crawled by Braille, feeling her way along the carpet till she reached her destination. She paused in the doorway and removed several dustballs from her pyjamas then crawled at speed ino the bedroom. With an effort Damp hoisted herself onto her mother's bed and tunnelled under the sheets to reach the sleeping Mummy-hummock.

“Bog off, Damp”, groaned Pandora. “Take your foot out of my nose.”

Damp climbed over Pandora and poked the next sleeping body hopefully.

“Horrible baby,” said Titus, “Take your nappy off my face.”

Ignoring her siblings, Damp prised her mother's eyelids apart to check if she really was asleep. Two bloodshot eyes glared at her.

“You're hogging the quilt,” complained Titus.

“I'm about to fall off the edge of the bed,” whined Pandora.

“For heaven's sake!” exploded Signora Strega-Borgia. “Whose bed is this, anyway

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