A Twist in Time

Style: Good

Attitude: Edifying

In Brief: Even if one were to extract the subplot of the ghost girl -- which is reminiscent of Charlotte Sometimes -- the story has a gently courageous feel: Cosy struggles hard because her Father's dead and she and her ill mother have kept each other going for years. At one point she gives in -- all her mother's efforts have only landed her in hospital -- but one of her foster sisters cajoles her roughly out of her mood and she goes on to make a good friend and do well at school.

Author: Jean Ure

Published in: 2000

Age Range: Pre Teens

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  FamilyGirls


Cosy (short for Cosima) finds herself getting used to a foster family just as she is starting at the school to which she's earned a scholarship. Her mother's agoraphobic and has just been taken into hospital. Cosy struggles to cope with it all, and is helped by reading the journal of a girl who lived in the house she's in during the Second World War and whom she sees as a ghost. The girl sees Cosy as well and Cosy finds out about her from an elderly neighbour.

Earlier in the year, when she'd heard she'd won the scholarship, Mum had been so excited. Mum had helped Cosy. They'd studied together. Mum stayed indoors and waited for Cosy to tell her all the things that were going on. But she'd never heard about Cosy's first day. Cosy had got home to find that her Mum had been rushed into hospital.

Tuesday 1st January 2002