The Hermit of Eyton Forest

Style: Average

Attitude: Positive

Author: Ellis Peters

Series: Brother Cadfael

Published in: 1987

Age Range: Young Teens+

Period: 12th C

Genres:  DetectiveHistorical


Richard Ludel dies leaving his 10-year-old son, Richard, heir to the estates. Dame Dionisia, young Richard's grandmother, tries and fails to wrest control of Richard from the Abbey where he is being educated. Soon afterwards, a hermit and his servant set up in the forest between Ludel's land the Abbey's and strange accidents happen.


As ever in the Cadfael series, the understood context of the story is one of shared faith even where individuals' will clash. In particular, altho' Dionisia does use other people to do her dirty work, she later repents and certainly is unaware of one particular piece of dirty work.

“Well,” said Radulfus, “you may go back to your master, Hyacinth, and carry him my thanks for his concern and care, and for his prayers, which I hope will continue on behalf of us all. Say that I have considered and do consider every side of Dame Dionisia's complaint against me, and have done and will continue to do what I see to be right. And for the natural misfortuynes that give him so much anxiety, mere men cannot control or command them, though faith may overcome them. What we cannot change we must abide. That is all.”

Tuesday 1st January 2002