Something Wicked This Way Comes

Style: Good

Attitude: Unobjectionable

Author: Ray Bradbury

Age Range: Pre Teens+

Period: Mid 20th C

Genres:  ClassicMacabre


A funfair comes to a small town and a couple of boys, Jim & Will, discover some rather sinister attributes of the fairground owners and crew, notably a carousel which can make you older or younger. The fairground folk come after them and it is only Will's dad, the town librarian, who is able to free them and disarm the funfair.


A characteristic book: Bradbury - here as elsewhere - overloads the reader with sense images; thus there is little or no gory violence, but no shortage of nerve-jangling descriptions. The style is a bit cloying if you're not used to it, and relies on description rather than racy plot to carry you along.

Tuesday 1st January 2002