Prove Yourself a Hero

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: A worthwhile read.

Cover of Prove Yourself a Hero

Author: K.M. Peyton

Age Range: Young Teens

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  AdventureThought-provoking


Jonathan Meredith, son of a rich horse-dealing family, is kidnapped and held to ransom. His parents pay the money, and he is released. The parents feel bitter at having lost face - not to say £500,000 - to the criminals, and Jonathan feels ashamed because, despite his self-control throughout his ordeal, he cracked at the end. He starts having nightmares about it, and his mother arranges for him to work at a neighbouring stables with his best friend Peter. This cures him of his nightmares, but it is only when he spots one of his kidnappers and goes to his house to confront him that he overcomes all his fears, getting shot in the process.

Tuesday 1st January 2002