The Box of Delights

Style: Classic

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: A magical and exhilarating scramble, full of innocent enjoyment, adventure and friendship.

Cover of The Box of Delights

Author: John Masefield

Age Range: Children+

Period: Early 20th C

Genres:  ClassicHumorousMagic


Kay Harker comes home for the Christmas holidays and finds himself helping Cole Hawlings, a slightly unusual Punch and Judy showman, to keep his Box of Delights from falling into the hands of the Wolves, led by Abner Brown. Abner has Cole Hawlings, Kay's cousin, the Cathedral choir and organist and the entire Cathedral staff scrobbled in an attempt to find the box, but Kay is able to use the box to free the captives and allow the Cathedral's milennial midnight service to take place.

Kay noticed that the man had very bright eyes, alert as a bird's or squirrel's.

'We must be moving along, young Master,' he said, 'or they'll be wondering if we've got no ticket.'

Could I give you a hand, please, to help you carry your case?' Kay asked. He noticed that it was an awkward load for a little old man.

'No, I thank you, Master,' the old man said. 'But if you would be so kind as to steady her when I swing her; then I could get her to my back, which is where she rides a-triumph. Only I do date from pagan times and age makes joints to creak. Or doesn't it?'

'I should think does,' Kay said.

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