The Bus People

Style: Good

Attitude: Take Care → Unobjectionable

Author: Rachel Anderson

Age Range: Pre Teens+

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  ShortThought-provoking


Bertram is a school minibus driver on the “Fruitcake Run”, picking up various handicapped children. The book contains a story for each child, mostly first person.


All are amusing and sympathetic, showing life through the eyes of a child handicapped in some way. The authoress seems to be an Anglican, since this enters into three of the stories usually in a positive way. One issue tackled sensibly on the whole is that of relations between a teenager who is like a 6 -year-old and an adult of the opposite sex. However there is one story which should be approached with caution: that of a teenage boy, over-protected by his mother, who is discovering his sexuality and fantasizes especially after visiting a prospective special school (St John Chrysostom) and finding one young man there with some soft porn on display.

Tuesday 1st January 2002