Charlotte Sometimes

Style: Average

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: Gentle time-shift story put across thoughtfully in terms of the relations between Emily and Charlotte and the acceptance by Charlotte and Clare of their situation, less disturbing than it might have been, since they are both new to boarding school life.

Cover of Charlotte Sometimes

Author: Penelope Farmer

Publisher: Chatto & Windus

Published in: 1969

Age Range: Pre Teens+

Period: Mid 20th C

Genres:  ClassicMagicSchool


Charlotte goes to sleep in a boarding school and wakes up to find herself in the same place in 1918, and mistaken for Clare who has taken her place 40 years in the future. They swap every day and correspond by means of their respective diaries. Emily, Clare's younger sister, has to be told when she and Charlotte are moved out and Charlotte is stuck in 1918. Charlotte eventually does return to her place, and discovers that Emily is the mother of a girl at the school, and that Clare died of the 'flu soon after returning to 1918.

Tuesday 1st January 2002