An Enemy at Green Knowe

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

Author: Lucy Boston

Age Range: Children+

Period: Mid 20th C

Genres:  ClassicMagic


Ping and Tolly are both staying at Green Knowe when the dislikeable Dr Melanie Powers comes, looking for books of magic left behind by the 16th-century Dr Vogel. Her various attempts to force Granny Oldknow to sell her Green Knowe are defeated by the boys, and they eventually discover her real name and use it to disarm her.


There is a particular delight in the relationship between Granny Oldknow and the boys which, always present in these books, is highlighted in several passages of this one: “Mrs Oldknow had the art of making every meal an informal party...In many houses meal-times are the wrangling point...In Green Knowe it was not at all like that...they were three quite different people who loved being together and used their imagination for laughing and deriving pleasure.”

Tuesday 1st January 2002