The Magician's Nephew

Style: Classic

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: A highly-readable fantasy story relating to Christian beliefs, especially about creation. Faintly avuncular in style. Magical elements.

Cover of The Magician's Nephew

Author: C.S. Lewis

Series: The Chronicles of Narnia

Publisher: Puffin

Age Range: Children+

Period: Late 19th C

Setting: London, Charn and Narnia

Genres:  AnimalClassicFantasyGrowing-UpMagic


  • Digory is a boy whose mother is ill and who travels by magic to unknown worlds to rescue Polly and to bring his mother health.
  • Polly lives next door to Digory, with whom she makes friends, and goes with him to the dying world of Charn and the new world of Narnia.
  • Jadis was the despotic ruler of Charn, awoken by an action arising from Digory's pride. She enters the newly-born land of Narnia which Aslan must then protect.
  • Aslan is the creator of the new world of Narnia and somehow an arbiter of good and evil in that world.


Polly and Digory are tricked into travelling by Uncle Andrew's magic rings to other worlds. They land first in Charn, where Digory's pride leads him to strike the bell which wakes the despotic Jadis whose magical command had destroyed the world. They inadvertently bring her back to London and then to the land of Narnia which is just being formed. They meet Aslan, whose song brings Narnia to life, and Digory must resist the witch's temptation to steal the apple which will bring his mother health.

Tuesday 1st January 2002