Room for a Stranger

Style: Average → Good

Attitude: Unobjectionable

This review was contributed by SdelaB

Author: Ann Turnbull

Series: Friends & Foes

Publisher: Walker

Published in: 1996

Age Range: Pre Teens

Period: WWII


The relationship betwen a WWII evacuee Roda, and Doreen the daughter of the receiving family. The inevitable conflicts, based on age and cultural differences are resolved realistically with the backdrop of wartime England playing its part and adding interest.


Positive: Both the characterisation and the descriptions are thoughtfully put across and have the ring of experience although the writer was a baby when WWII ended! Surely Ann Turnbull knows as much about adolescent girls as about strong-minded but self-effacing mums.

Negative: I found that the peripheral characters were fairly stereotypical, including Rhoda's Liverpool mother... a small fault for an excellent novel.

Tuesday 1st January 2002