Voyage to Venus (Perelandra)

Style: Outstanding

Attitude: Positive

Cover of Voyage to Venus (Perelandra)

Author: C.S. Lewis

Series: Ransome Trilogy

Age Range: Young Teens+

Period: Mid 20th C

Genres:  ClassicSciFiThought-provoking


Ransome is transported by the power of Malacandra, the oyarsa of Mars, to Venus (Perelandra) where intelligent life is beginning. Professor Weston, inventor of the spaceship which carried him to Mars also arrives on the planet. They meet the Eve of that world, and Ransome must prevent the possessed creature that Weston has become from causing her to disobey Maledil (God). In the end, he does this only by killing the Weston creature.


This is really an elaborate speculation on life before the fall of Adam and Eve. Ransome finds that he is naturally virtuous and that evil acts are almost physical in their revulsion (as, for example, when he is inclined to lie a little). Interestingly both he and the first woman of the planet remain naked throughout (whereas Weston is clothed), emphasising the natural virtue bestowed by the planet.

Tuesday 1st January 2002