Beyond the Chocolate War

Style: Average

Attitude: Objectionable

In Brief: There's little positive to say here; Jerry, while convalescing on his uncle's smallholding in Canada appears to find solace in God, but it is clear that this relies more on the peace of the church than anything else.

Author: Robert Cormier

Series: The Chocolate War

Age Range: Mid Teens+

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  GrittySchool


Sequel to “The Chocolate War”: Archie Costello still runs the Vigils and therefore the school; Brother Leon is headmaster. Jerry Renault has just returned from Canada where he was convalescing after being beaten up by Janza. Obie is going out with a girl and is attempting to gain revenge on Archie, who is in his last year. David Caroni who was given an F for one of Brother Leon's spot tests attempts to kill Leon and, having failed, kills himself.

Tuesday 1st January 2002