Minnow on the Say

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

Cover of Minnow on the Say

Author: Philippa Pearce

Age Range: Pre Teens

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  ClassicFriendship


Roger makes friends with Adam Codling, who lives in the Codlings' family house, once grand but now neglected, with his aunt Dinah and his grandfather. Adam knows of a family treasure once hidden and never rediscovered and he and Roger set out to discover it up and down the river. Mr Smith is also after it, and when grandfather dies, leaving the family destitute, offers to buy the house as long as he is given all the clues to the treasure.


A story principally of the friendship of two boys enjoying themselves on the river, with an undercurrent of treasure-hunting. The final few chapters as Mr Smith comes into focus and his daughter Betsy enters the picture are especially enjoyable.

Tuesday 1st January 2002