The Night-Watchmen

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

Author: Helen Cresswell

Published in: 1969

Age Range: Children

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  Magic


Henry has been ill and wanders around the town while convalescing until he meets two unusual tramps: Josh and Caleb. He discovers that they set themselves up as night watchmen while they “get hold” of the town before departing on the Night Train from Here to There.


The joy of this story is that, before the last chapter or so, you're caught between the imagination of a young boy fuelled by the inventions of two tramps, and the possibility that it might be true.

All three of them sat there looking out past the glow of the fire to the blackness beyond. It was a comfortable feeling. Josh & Caleb were evidently used to such silences, and Henry, listening to the soft stirrings of coals in the brazier and the soughing of the wind under stone arches, was for the first time conscious of the charms of the life of a night-watchman. He rested his arms on his legs as Josh and Caleb did and sat there taking it all in.

Tuesday 1st January 2002