Red Sky in the Morning

Style: Good

Attitude: Edifying

In Brief: Loving acceptance of a handicapped child. The stress this places on his familiy. General attitude of respect towards elderly or less capable people (including a harmless kleptomaniac). Anna's efforts to hold things together. Faith seen as meaningful if not entirely understood. Some vulgarity among teenage girls.

Cover of Red Sky in the Morning

Author: Elizabeth Laird

Published in: 1989

Age Range: Young Teens+

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  Coping withFamilyGrowing-Up


12-year-old Anna Peacock is determined to look after her baby brother Ben even though he is hydrocephalous. She stays loyal to him and to her family while coping with the ebb and flow of friendships at school and crushes on boyfriends and the strain he places on her parents and younger sister.

Tuesday 1st January 2002