Talking in Whispers

Style: Average

Attitude: Unobjectionable

Author: James Watson

Age Range: Young Teens

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  Adventure


15-year-old Juan Larreta is the only survivor when the car in which is travelling with his father and best friend is ambushed by agents of the military Junta in Chile. He escapes and gains possession of a set of photos taken by an American pressman showing the depravity of the dictator. He is helped by a pair of twins who run puppet shows. Captured by the military, he is tortured but released and eventually manages to have the photos published.


Fairly hard-hitting and with a disturbing torture section. There is a very small amount of comment on the role of the church in the country especially as regards the seminary's being used to shelter people hiding from the military authorities.

Tuesday 1st January 2002