The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Style: Classic

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: A voyage-of-discovery story with interesting people and challenges. Each character has to undergo a trial to grow in themselves.

Author: C.S. Lewis

Series: The Chronicles of Narnia

Publisher: Puffin

Age Range: Children+

Period: Mid 20th C

Setting: Narnia

Genres:  AnimalClassicFantasyGrowing-UpMagic


  • King Caspian travels to the outer reaches of his kingdom to find seven lords exiled by his uncle and to reach Aslan's country.
  • Reepicheep is the chief of Narnia's talking mice, very proud but friendly if you treat him well.
  • Lucy and Edmund return to Narnia as children for the last time, accompanied by their spoilt and annoying cousin Edmund who has to undergo a difficult transformation before he can find himself.


Lucy & Edmund along with Eustace their spoilt and peevish cousin find themselves on board a Narnian ship with King Caspian, travelling to the outer reaches of Narnia, encountering new creatures and strange places. Eustace resents the situation at first, but after a difficult transformation, realises the error of his ways. At the end, each of the main characters must find Aslan's country in his own way.

Tuesday 1st January 2002