Pride and Prejudice

Style: Classic

Attitude: Positive

Cover of Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Age Range: Young Teens+

Period: 18th C

Genres:  ClassicGirlsRomantic


The five Bennett sisters: Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Kitty and Mary are at or near marrying age; their mother is keen to marry them off and rejoices when Mr Bingley, a personable young man, comes into the neighbourhood with his friend Mr Darcy and seems interested in her eldest daughter. He leaves without making any proposals. She is also disappointed when Elizabeth turns down the proposal of Mr Collins, a distant cousin upon whom the Bennett property is entailed. He marries her best friend Caroline Lucas instead. The younger girls become occupied with the troop of soldiers stationed in the village and Elizabeth is more than friendly with the handsomest, Wickham, not least because his reports of Mr Darcy's ill-doing confirm her own prejudices. As the story unfolds, Elizabeth becomes more and more fascinated with Darcy, after his ill- timed and awkward proposal of marriage. She eventually learns to love him, the more so after he pulls her sister Lydia out of the disgrace she invited having run away with Wickham.

Tuesday 1st January 2002