The Time Witches

Style: Good

Attitude: Positive

In Brief: Over simple; emphasis on simple pleasures, loyalty and generosity

Cover of The Time Witches

Author: Michael Molloy

Series: Witch Trade

Publisher: The Chicken House

Published in: 2002

Age Range: Children

Period: Contemporary

Genres:  FantasyMagic


The head of the Light Witches, Sir Chadwick Street, is about to marry Hilda Bluebell when she is carried back in time by the evil Wolfbane. Abby Clover & Sir Chadwick Street from The Witch Trade get a permit from the Ministry of Coincidence to follow Sir Chadwick's fiancee back in time, while Spike and the Ancient Mariner follow in the Atlantis boat.


I was a little disappointed by the quality of the plot. The language and characters are just a little too simple and the story draws you along but most people are rather too black-and-white to be all that interesting, for all their various quirks. The characters often speak and act as you would expect them to do in a pantomime.

The characters do show tremendous loyalty and simple generosity to one another. Abby's home town of Speller is painted as the epitome of the pleasant seaside town, populated by Light Witches whose job is to distribute the Ice Dust which gives them the power to do good.

The author tries to depict the joy of simple pleasures, using the decay of a seaside town as his canvas.

The boat quivered slightly. 'Let me look into their hearts,' the boat voice said, and Abby watched in astonishment as the three of them momentarily glowed with a faint bluish light. As the light faded, the voice said, 'Their hearts are good. I will take them. Tell me the time and place to which they wish to travel

Tuesday 1st January 2002